Transformative Thinking™

Ultimate Health starts from within. Cleanse your MIND, cleanse your SOUL, SPIRIT and then finally, Cleansing your BODY.

Welcome to The Cleansing Diva’s Transformative Thinking™ Coaching that will help you Cleanse your MIND.

Many people I meet want to shed pounds or cleanse for the way their physical body will look afterwards. While these will certainly create greater health, the true transformation that needs to happen, the true transformation that will create lasting happiness, passionate relationships, feeling worthwhile and the ability to become truly motivated to capture ones dreams, MUST come from within your emotional/mental body. Once that kind of transformation happens and works its way through every cell of your body, the truly BEAUTIFUL you WILL shine brighter than the sun. People hire coaches to help them:

    • Reach their goals no matter what size
    • Help them make changes in their life due to traumatic challenges that have arisen in the past
    • Create lasting change in day to day life
    • Create dramatic positive changes on negative perspectives
    • Lose weight or Regain their health
    • Achieve high sporting accolades

People who I have had the privilege of coaching, repeatedly tell me they were not able to create the substantial and long lasting changes they desired until they realized that the wall they kept running up against was a wall they had created inside, earlier in their life. Through my coaching programs, we will reveal the Inner Conflicts that have allowed you to build walls, stopping you from achieving Ultimate Happiness and of course . Once that wall is down, you will finally feel FREE to TRANSFORM your life.

Ongoing Cleansing Diva Coaching, will enable you to continue the momentum of creating the ENERGY, VITALITY and DESIRE you will experience after a session with me which will lead you to take MASSIVE action on a daily basis all resulting in truly CHANGING all aspects of your life and creating lasting HAPPINESS.

Life Coaching with the Cleansing Diva will:

  • Stop you from “trying” to get the changes you want
  • Set yourself up with a process that will consistently allow you to grow
  • Get you totally clear on which direction you would like your life to go in.
  • Establish what is blocking you from either knowing your life goals or achieving your life goals
  • Get you to COMMIT to making the changes you need
  • Understand exactly what it is you have to do in order to achieve lasting change
  • Measure your progress
  • Create momentum as you learn to focus on the tasks that get you closer to your goals.
  • Get you inspired to live the most Outstanding life
  • Be fun and simple
  • Hold you to the highest standards needed for permanent change by giving you the necessary tools, methods and mindset.

Depending on where you want to place your focus, coaching with The Cleansing Diva will help affect the following key areas of your life:

Ultimate Lifestyle Coaching
Relationships Health/Physical Body Business/Career Finances/Money Spirituality Phobia Wipe Out
Expect to feel love, joy, passion, ecstasy, fun, connection and fulfillment. Expect to get Energy, Vitality, Sense of control, Self Esteem, Power, and Strength Expect to get growth, significance, Certainty, contribution, Connection and Variety Expect to experience Security, Success, Achievement, Smart, Contribution and Significance Expect to get Connection, Centered, Faith, forgiveness, Wholeness, love, Higher Logic, Peace, Joy, Balance, Kindness, Purpose, and Compassion Add text

Lifestyle coaches are everywhere these days. I believe EVERYONE should have a coach, not matter who you are or what you do.

    • A person motivated to make changes in their life are either doing it because something causes them too much repeated pain, because they are not reaching their goal/s despite all their efforts, or to simply enable them have outstanding results.
    • Most people cannot identify why or where they are experiencing emotional pain, allowing it to continue and become more deep routed. Long standing questions from the heart go unanswered and the mind tells the heart that this is the way life is supposed to be.
    • Everybody needs a coach, to keep you on your toes and to point out when its time to change your focus. A good coach will also take you out of your comfort zone, and compel you to reach higher than you could ever imagine. A good coach will show you how to win.
    • I coach celebrities, athletes, business people, couples, mothers, fathers, grandparents, therapists, students, doctors, children and just about anyone you can imagine and I am so excited by the incredible progress each one makes. I myself have been coached by some of the top coaches in the world. People such as Tony and Sage Robbins, Cloe Madanes, John Assaraf and Robert Kiyosaki and my life has and is constantly enriched by these people.

So if you are looking to take your life from plodding to OUTSTANDING then choose the best coaching package for you. I am excited to be part of your life and watching you GROW!

Which ever coaching package you choose, you are going to experience incredible transformation. In order to help you decide which package is best for you, at this stage in your life, I am going to ask you some important questions.

Coaching Offered Ultimate Strategic
Ultimate Lifestyle
Ultimate Relationship
Ultimate Health
Phobia Wipe Out
Ultimate Strategic Intervention Ultimate Lifestyle Coaching Ultimate Relationship Coaching Ultimate Health Coaching Phobia Wipe Out Coaching
Details Do you want to make a major shift in every aspect of your life, release yourself from limiting beliefs and old stories that have had you trapped, depressed or even suicidal, all while creating an outstanding and compelling future? Do you want to live an incredible life, create lasting happiness and change, while feeling certain about life’s direction, even if you don’t know what that looks like right now? Want to put the sexy back in your relationship, and want to learn to live with “difficult” people around you? Do you long to have vitality, feel sexy and confident about your outer body while being certain that the health of your body is in tip top condition too?

And wait there’s more…I’m offering a 120% price guarantee. If after completing any of my coaching programs you are not completely satisfied, I will refund the purchase price, plus an additional 20%.

  • Strategic Intervention. An intense, life-changing coaching session that will get right to the heart of your Inner Conflicts, obliterate them and give you a strong sense of who you truly are and what your purpose in life is. An SI has not time limit on it but typically lasts 2 ½ hrs. You will also get one hour of follow-on coaching.
  • I will take you on a journey to re-discover who you really are, what your core values are, and how to reconnect with the real you, allowing positive actions and decisions to prevail – Yes! For maybe the first time in your life, you will live life from your heart rather than your head that always wants to be so practical..Click here to read more.
For those who are looking to create a fabulous life

  • Find key areas of your life that are not fulfilling and give them a good shake up.
  • Identify what rules you have been living by and how to change them so you can be successful and happy
In our Relationship coaching you will

  • Learn what the top 5 rules are to create lasting, totally sexy love, no matter what age you are.
  • Learn how to communicate with each other that will have you being understood, listened to and loved back…Click here to learn more
When you choose my Ultimate Health Coaching, you will be given all the tools to create a super hot external and internal body. While understanding what it really takes to reverse and avoid dis-ease and dis-comfort for a life-time. During this time, you will learn why most health diets don’t work and tools to prove your body is healing…Click here to learn more.

Regular Price
(Starting from…)

$ 350.00 per intervention $ 69.95 per hour $ 69.95 per hour $ 69.95 per hour $ 69.95 per hour Add To Cart - Button Green

Catch-up Coaching Regular Price
(Starting from…)

$ 35.00 per hour $ 35.00 per hour $ 35.00 per hour

You deserve an Outstanding Life, let me help you reach that goal. It is an Outstanding Day!


Fiona, The Cleansing Diva!


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